Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New arrangement

Last night when I went to bed, many thoughts went through my head regarding the arrangement of this new bed. I wasn't really satisfied with the round shape that wasn't so round on the left side. I missed one rock to make it really round and I have tried multiple times to rearrange the rocks to no avail. Also, I figured, since I want to have more beds in the future and reduce the lawn part of my yard, I should arrange the bed more wisely to get optimum space for future projects.
So what I will do today is to move the rocks once again and only leave a 1 1/2 lawnmower wide space in between other beds as walkway. Too bad, I have already sprayed the grass with roundup yesterday, but I am pretty sure, it will grow back in no time, at least the weeds do and it will look green again. (My backyard is anyway more weeds than grass)

When I start a new project in the yard, I usually change it many times, before I am really satisfied. A lot of work that I could save myself, if I thought everything through before I start to work, but like I said earlier, I am almost totally lacking the vision of the finished project and realize as I go, that I want things to look different.

Off I go, moving rocks again. Outch, my back hurts already from the last days work.

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