Friday, August 21, 2009

Sunset from my patio

We had a beautiful sunset today, when I was sitting on my patio and although my cam is not the best one, I could catch a spectacular picture

Alabama sunset

Four o' clocks

Some time has passed again and I am working on different projects at the same time, which means transplanting between different beds to make space for new plants. The work basically never ends and I hate to show half done projects, but I had to make a few pictures of the four o' clocks that I have blooming right now.

Aren't they beautiful? They are so easy and simple to plant, but they are my all time annual favorites because of their intoxicating fragrance. In the evening, when I sit after a long day of garden work on the patio, I can smell them from all directions. They make me so happy, and I am tempted to plant even more of them all around the yard.