Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some flowers and plants that I had last year

Last year, when the yard was a work in progress, I planted a lot from seed, just to have some color to look at. I knew it wouldn't be permanent, as I had to make a plan for how I wanted my yard to look like in a few years from. I ordered small plants from online nurseries and also bought a lot in local stores.
I got some cheap Gladiolus bulbs in the Dollar store

This is a Lilium crinum, which I brought with me from my old place. It was only one bulb, but it multiplied in less than a few month that much, that I could plant them along the street around the mailbox.

I also planted some Teddy Bear sunflowers from seed in the backyard as well as the tall Autumn beauty sunflowers

What you see in the background on the left and below are Castor Beans

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