Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Potting up plants for the winter

The winter is slowly moving in and the nights get cold. Last week we had one night in the lower 30s, so I had to hurry and pot the most sensitive plants up, bring them in the house to save them.

Here is my Yucca elephantipes, Aloe vera and 2 pineapple plants. I still have to pot up my hibiscus seedlings, which I will probably do today or tomorrow.

I also will take my Musella Lasiocarpa out of  the ground and pot it up, because I want to see it bloom so badly next year and when it stays outside it won't ever bloom.

What hurt me most was that I had to cut all my Brugs down, they were in so perfect bloom and at the top of their beauty, but had i not taken cuttings from all of them, I'd  probably loset them during the winter.

I took several cuttings of each, so I will have plenty of new plants next year. On the left you see 2 Pink Caesalpinia pulcherrima seedlings, that hopefully grow a big bigger next year. This year they didn't do a lot but getting a strong root system. I've also several palm seedlings that need to be protected in the first 3 years. Lots more to do like mulching all my banana trees, cutting the stems down and cutting the thousands of Cannas that I have. When I have to cut everything down in late fall, it gives me some kind of sadness, because my yard looks empty and dead, but then, spring is always coming and everything awakes to new life and becomes bigger and more beautiful each year.

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