Saturday, May 2, 2009

Project: New beds, shade and partial shade

An other project, where I removed big portions of grass was on the left side of the garage. where you enter the back yard.

After I removed all the grass, I used old bricks and rocks that I found to border the beds. I will buy nice border stones later, when I have everything finished. The bed on the right is almost full shade all day long and I had to find different plants that grow in deep shade.
Here is what I planted so far.

In the left bed I mostly planted seeds, so it needs a while until they come up.

In the shade bed I have 2 Philodendron, this deep pink one and

this pale pink one.

Here is a dark pink Azalea, that has already bloomed earlier this year.

These are Black Cohosh plants (Cimicifuga racemosa), that are 1 year old. They get up to 5 feet tall.

This is a giant Liriope that looks a bit measly right now. The reason why it's still so small after a year, is because it was planted in full sun before and is actually a shade plant. I hope it will recreate now, that it's in the shade bed. It's supposed to get 3-4 feet tall.

I also transplanted a couple of my Albo marginata Hosta.

And bought a couple of ferns This is an Autumn Fern.

and this one a Ghost Fern

Here we have a small Camellia

and a ruby Fringeflower bush, that also has it's blooming time already passed.

Last but not least I planted the ground cover Bowles Vinca with tiny blue blooms, which one cannot see on the picture.

On the other side I have half sun, half shade and could be a bit more creative regarding flowers.

Closest to the fence in the background I have planted some kind of Asparagus, notsure which one, as it popped up vuluntarily last year somewhere in the yeard. It looked quiet nice and got 6 feet tall and very bushy. Smelled a little bit like Fenchel. Actually I am not really sure, if it's an Asparagus at all, but I found it worth to keep. The cauple taller plants you see along the side of the fence are Hollyhocks, just starting to grow. And in the foreground I have planted Four o' clocks. Like you can see, we had lots of rain the last couple of days and everything is soaking wet right now.

Beside the pot above I planted row of Red and green Castor Beans.

This is the first seedling that popped up over night.

On the other side of the bed I have planted some Pallida Irises, Nasturtiums and a little Sabal Palmetto, that I grew from seed 3 years ago. It is still in the seedling stage and not to see on this picture, but I hope this year more palm leaflets will come up. the 2 Palms in the pot are Majestic plams that I had in the garage over winter with only minimal light, that's why they suffered a lot and I had to cut them back. But they grow already back and I hope they will give a bit of a tropical look in this bed. The walkway will be covered with river rocks later on, when I buy the borderstones for the bed.

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